XLVIII Gagarin Science Conference

April 12-15, 2022.
Applications are open until February 28, 2022.

Guidelines for participation

We kindly ask you not to delay the application to the deadline. In case of having mistakes, you will not be able to correct them in time.

Students, postgraduates students and young scientists, students of academic research centres of aerospace field under 27 years old (included) are invited to participate in the Conference.

The registration on this website is required to take part in our Conference. Otherwise, our abstract won't be accepted.

While filling in the registration form, try to use suggested information from the pop-up boxes. Especially in choosing the organisation name, status and so on.

One paper is submitted for participation in the Conference once by one of the authors, who will be the contact person. Co-authors of the work are indicated in the appropriate column.

One person can be a representor of a scientific work only once. Besides, he might be a co-author of two other works which were applied to the Conference.

Application to the participation in our Conference is also an agreement to storage personal data processing and abstract publications in the collection of research papers on the Conference website.

How to full fill the application form

  1. For applying an abstract, you must have an account on MAI website.
  2. Press “Login” on this website. If you’re already authorised on MAI website you will be suggested to register on ConfID project. You can use your ConfID account to register on other Conferences.
  3. After successful registration you’ll have to verify your email.
  4. After verification, you will be able to access your account. Press “Apply”, choose a corresponding topic from the list, then fill in the required fields. While filling in the information, please hold to the following requirements:
  5. The submitted application is automatically assigned the status "pending". Upon approval of the application or any other status change, an automatic notification with the comments from the Secretary of the section of the Organizing Committee will be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration.


The collection of abstracts will be available on this website in *.pdf format.

Text of your abstract must be filled into the corresponding field and must not include any formulas, tables or drawings.

We would like to point out that applications are accepted via electronic document management, and therefore, please comply with all the above requirements.

Applications that include materials that do not meet the above requirements for the design and theme of the conference are rejected.

Expert comission

The expert opinion authorizing the publication of your abstracts is issued in the standard form of your organization and signed by authorized persons. The expert opinion must bear the seal of the organization.

MAI students can use a single expert finding of the department/faculty/institute. To resolve the issue, contact the research Institute of the Department / faculty/Institute.

A fully executed expert opinion is scanned in the format .pdf and must necessarily be attached by external participants to the application. MAI students can take the original document in the cab. 322Б ГАК (Main Administrative Building).

Students of schools do not need to issue this document.


The presentation is required to accompany your speech. It can contain formulas, tables, graphs and so on. You can also provide visual exhibits.

Presentations are made in Microsoft PowerPoint.


All sections are going to be provided with facilities for presenting your work. Duration of your speech must be less than 7 minutes.